Soil conditions are probably the most undefined and random boundary condition of a foundation design. Therefore, it is essential for a safety and optimum foundation design to have a good and proper soil characterization.

Furthermore, it is a key to take into account the foundation purpose when characterizing the soil, in order to define the right survey investigation type, perform the technical analysis and obtain the right design parameters.

Being aware of that, and according to our expertise and sector applications, we cover the comprehensive geotechnical investigation putting ourselves in the place of the foundation designer and his/her needs to provide reliable data and useful conclusions.

Survey Campaign Design and Execution

We define and design the accurate survey campaign depending on the foundation application and its location: type of survey techniques to be carried out, number and type of test, parameters to be obtained and methodology to be followed up.

We manage the comprehensive survey campaign through the colaboration with reliable partners, assuming the full control and technical assitance during the survey investigation.

Geotechnical Analysis and Report

We analyze and perform the needed calculations to transform the data coming from the soil investigation into relevant information for the project.

We provide a comprehensive geotechnical report elaborated from the point of view of a structural designer: including conclusions, soil improvement proposals and design, foundation solutions, design alternatives and key parameters to make safer and quicker the following design phase.


Colaborating with reliable partners, we carry out geophysical soil analysis by means of Seismic Refraction and Electric Tomography.

Through these techniques we obtain static and dynamic elasticity modulus, seismic spectrum and acceleration, karst identification, assorted soil layers characterization to complete, even reduce, the soil investigation and lab test.