Lineal works engineering

Access, roads, bridges, assembly and storage platforms, drainages, auxiliary structures...they are needed to connect any industrial facility to the external world, to make it operative internally, as well as to connect two or more operational or relevant centres.

MS Enertech performs not only the comprehensive engineering and design of these elements, but also the hydrological, hydraulic, topography and geotechnial studies needed to characterize the boundary conditions and obtain the design parameters.

Paths and roads

We define of the most suitable road path that optimizes the execution costs ensuring the access viability and fulfilling the transport requirements.

We perform the calculation and design of roads, roadbeds, slopes, drainages, electrical trenches and crosswater structures providing solutions aligned to the technical and economical feasibility of the project.

Hydrological and flood studies

We perform the comprehensive hydrological study to obtain the accurate information needed for the design of drainages, crosswater structures and bridges, as well as to verify the layout and right positioning of the different elements of any industrial complex, by means of the calculation and analysis of:
- Climatology and pluviometry
- Main and secondary river basins characterization
- Flows contribution

Bridges Design and Assessment

Applying our civil and industrial gathered mind, we calculate and design not artistic but functional bridges to make easier or possible the accessibility to an industrial complex. These structures are conditioned not only by the environment and boundary conditions, but also by tight budgets and strict schedules.

In those situations where it is well worth to analyze the convenience of using existing bridges, we perform a deep technical assessment, establishing hypothesis based on site analysis and our own experience, to validate or adapt these structures to the project needs.