Pathology analysis

Any structure is susceptible of suffering any kind of pathology in its life cycle. The effect and its gravity depends on the pathology type and the root cause.

Wind turbine structures, due to heavy and fatigue loads, are highly appointed to suffer structural pathologies, affecting directly to the economic yield of an entire wind farm.

MS Enertech puts all its knowledge and experience in wind turbine foundations design to identify the root cause and define the most accurate solution to minimize the risks and reduce the impact over the wind farm yield.


According to our experience, in more than 50% of the cases the pathology's root cause was linked to foundation design non conformities.

Therefore, our analysis methodology focus, in the first stage, on the foundation design verification, in addition to visiting the site, movement measurements and non invasive samples picking up.

Main acting points:
- Visiting the site: movements measurement, cracks location and mapping, soil sample picking....
- Foundation design verification, paying special attention to the tower-to-foundation interface area.
- Analysis of other project documentation: geotechnical report, construction project....
- Special actions: foundation sample picking, additional soil lab tests, etc.

The objetive: identify the root cause and the secondary ones to design the most accurate solution to overcome the problem.

Solutions definition

MS Enertech intends to define the best solution to overcome or mitigate the problem aligned with the technical and economical boundary conditions of the project.

We are wide experienced in defining, designing and supervisión of different solutions, from the most common based on mechanical reinforcement and resine or cement injections as well as their combination and special solutions.

We elaborate the construction projects, guidelines and execution protocols, as well as we offer Technical Assistance and Works Direction during the reparation works.


MS Enertech cumulates more than 40 projects in regards to wind turbine foundation pathology analysis and repairment for wind farms located in Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, China and Egypt.