Concrete or metallic structures, we always apply the same principia: design-to-cost. Thanks to our R&D internal programs, we are capable to apply our own calculation methodologies and innovative solutions to provide a proper and tailored design for our clients.

Industrial Foundations

Civil engineering under Industrial philosophy (design-to-cost) applied to industrial sector.

Advanced calculation, including dynamic analysis to integrate the machines and external devices behavior on the foundation response.

Wind Turbine Towers

Mini concrete towers (a high pedestal foundation):

It is a solution aimed to increase the hub height at a reasonable cost or to reduce the tower cost substituting a steel segment by a concrete one. Our product is a typical foundation with a high pedestal (from 5 up to 25 m), poured-in-situ and posttensioned by bolts or cable. Several experiences for Europe and China endorse the quality of our solution.

Large concrete towers (One concept, different possibilities):

Precast pieces, semi or partial-annular shaped, external posttensioned, conform our solution. We have developed different projects for the Chinese market, from complete concrete solution to hybrid one.

Auxiliary structures

Design of assorted auxiliary concrete structures for different industrial applications:

Platforms aimed to withstand assembly and transport devices (cranes, trucks) during a wind farm construction.

Concrete cabinets to house valves and other industrial devices.

Metallic structures

Design and development of assorted metallic structures for different applications: frames, tooling, welded structures...

Some samples:
Bolt cage assembling tooling: As part of a global integration of the foundation and interface design, we have developed several tools to facilitate the bolt cage assembling and positioning. Our designs permit to form a bolt cage in a double configuration: two semi cages or complete one. Positioning and overturning cage are semi-automatic mechanisms.

Light nacelle bed plate: a bridge box and lattice structures that withstands the nacelle loads at a reasonable costs.
Offshore market.