Test engineering

As a company deeply involved in R&D programs, we carry out test engineering to support our internal projects as well as directly upon client request.


Our knowledge and experience let us to perform a wide range of activities:

•Test Definition and design
•Test execution at laboratory
•Results analysis
•Tooling design and manufacturing

To perform:

•Structural static tests
•Fatigue test
•Geotechnical tests
•Material characterization

Our capabilities, thanks to the collaboration agreement with Burgos University, are:

•Static: Up to 500 Ton
•Dynamic: Up to 100 Ton
•Sorted anchorages and tooling
•Climatic chamber & TAC


Relevan projects:

•Static structural characterization of an advanced and innovative wind turbine foundation (test performed in a 1:1 scale)

•Fatigue tests on wind turbine towers grout

•Fatigue tests on mortars and grouts applied on wind turbine concrete towers vertical joints

•Corrosion grade analysis on posttensioned bolts by macro-graphic analysis and optical microscope.

•Pull-out test on “Screw Pile” foundations of a photovoltaic farm