Wind Turbine Foundations

Fatigue loads, mass production, tight cost conditions, worldwide reproducibility, high responsibility on the investment...these are some of the issues that makes a wind turbine foundation a special structure that requires specialist and experienced designer with a double civil and industrial mind.

MS Enertech puts its experience of more than 200 projects of design and verification of wind turbine foundations in 35 different countries at the service of the relevant companies (Financiers and investors, OEM´s, developers, EPC´s) in the wind power sector.


MS Enertech has the knowledge, tools and experience to cover the full range of wind turbine foundations tipology.

Preliminary or detail design, either for a type approval or site specific, we define the best solution for your project: from the classical spread or depth foundations to more sophisticated solutions like rock anchor, high diameter monopiles or annular foundations.

We develop comprehensive foundation and anchoring system Finite Element Models, perform Markov matrices fatigue analysis, optimize the anchoring system design.... Always fulfilling the local and international standards.

Tower-to-foundation anchoring system

Our foundation methodology design integrates completely the tower-to-foundation interface, by analytic and FEM calculation. Therefore, the foundation optimization is completed, defining the most appropriate anchoring system for each solution.

We have also our own methodology to optimize the bolt cage solution, being possible to reduce up to 50% of the needed bolts, depending on the case study.

Furthermore, we have developed our own anchoring system: Cable interface, which, in addition to the advantages associated to the flexible elements, represents a very high cost efficient solution. Registered as WO2013/156632.


More than 400 projects performed in regards to wind turbine foundation design and verification, many of them in special conditions (seismic loads, liquefaction risk, soil collapse, kartstification...).

For the most important OEM´s: Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Nordex Acciona, GE, RePower, Goldwind, Sinovel....

Application in 45 different countries in the 5 continents.

We are proud to have participated to date in the developement of more than 10.000 MW for the wind power.