About us

MS Enertech is a Spanish Engineering Services and Consultancy Company, established in 2006 in Burgos, Spain, as the engineering division of the MS Techno holding for the Renewable Energy projects.

Today we are an indepedent company focus and specialized in engineering services for the Energy Generation and Industry sectors.

Recently is also operating in Mexico with the new filial MS Enertech Mexico S.A de C.V. From it we support all the projects we develop in North America and the Caribbean.

Our partner network allows us to operate also in South America and Asia-Pacific region.

Therfore, we are and international company with global presence to support closely to our clients.


Our activity intends to offer a professional and close service that provides all the guarantees of western-level engineering and project management. Only in this way we believe that is possible to obtain the maximum added value without compromising quality.

Our hallmark is our flexibility to understand and adapt to our client´s specific needs, based in our solid engineering background and our excellent project management capabilities.

We are well aware that magic and universal solutions to obtain competitive advantage do not exist. This is why one of MS Enertech's main contributions is to establish the right combination between creativity and rigor to design solutions adapted to our clients needs.

We believe that in the global world we are living in, profitability and client satisfaction are universal values that cross all borders. So we foster management skills and a professionalism.

Join us

MS Enertech's added value lies on the values, attitudes and competences of it's staff.

That is why we are always willing to hire professionals that, in addition to their technical competences, are willing to focus on client's understanding and dedication, as well as proud of the well-done job, helping us to keep our company hallmark.


Find and contact us in the following addresses:

Spain. MS Enertech. Spain MS Enertech S.L. (Central) Calle San Roque nº 4, Burgos info@ms-enertech.com +34 947 21 85 42
Colombia. MS Enertech. Colombia MS Enertech Colombia S.A.S. CL 90 No. 18 16 P 5 Bogotá D.C. info@ms-enertech.com +34 607 84 97 55
Mexico. MS Enertech. Mexico MS Enertech México S.A. de C.V. Oxford 30, Col. Juárez, Cuauhtémoc 06600, Ciudad de México infomexico@ms-enertech.com +34 947041052

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