Earthing system foundation

The goal of a Earthing system foundation is to ensure the integrity of the connected equipment as well as to prevent personal injuries that may occur. From MS Enertech, we do this type of study using a powerful software in order to offer a specialized service in each project.

Medium voltage system

From preliminary studies until constructive projects. We conduct a comprehensive study that combines technical criteria (maximum density allowable current, voltage drop in installation, electrical losses, grouping of cables...) with economic and constructive criteria in order to provide a specialized service to each client and project.


A series of technical and quality suitable specifications is required for the sale of generated power. MS Enertech offers basic services where this kind of studies are addressed.

Transmission line

Once the electricity has been generated and the quality requirements have been complied with, the last step is the discharge of the produced electricity to the network. From MS Enertech, we offer a preliminary study for this type of projects.