Medium voltage system

From preliminary studies until constructive projects. We conduct a comprehensive study that combines technical criteria (maximum density allowable current, voltage drop in installation, electrical losses, grouping of cables...) with economic and constructive criteria in order to provide a specialized service to each client and project.

Earthing system

The union between the elements of the Park is performed using finite element 3D modeling. This provides real values of step voltages, contact, etc.

Circuit design

A study on the best technical and economical solutions is conducted in order to provide each customer with a unique result.

Short-circuit study

A study via software is performed. This study takes into account all situations and cases which may occur in the installation of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase short circuits.

Load flows

Real installation modeling by means of software. This aims at observing the behavior of the Park in each of the possible scenarios, from full production until null production.

Energy balance

Loss modelling of the Park from technical specifications, Weibull distribution.... This is performed both at full load and at a variable load.