MS Enertech, 15th anniversary!

13 de April, 2021

MS Enertech, 15th anniversary!

MS Enertech, 15th anniversary!

As today, 15 years ago, MS Enertech was born. And he did so with the illusion and doubts of the youth of those who set in motion this idea. Gradually, experienced people were joining in who helped develop, expand, internationalize, diversify and maintain this exciting project that began as a development of new concepts of wind turbine foundations (in which MS Enertech was a pioneer in Spain with ribbed solutions, high plinth foundation, fatigue tests in grouts, optimizations of conventional foundations, etc...) and that after these 15 years have made the company one of the global benchmarks of civil and electric BoP engineering for wind farms.

Many thanks to all those who in one way or another have contributed their grain of sand to strengthen us and better understand the course that we should follow, to all the customers who have trusted and continue to do so in us and especially to the wonderful team of 27 people that currently form the company and that makes all this make sense.

Congratulations and thanks so much to you all.

And the best is that we are still moving forward!

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