About MS Enertech

Engineering and consulting since 2006 for the Energy Generation Sector

Independent engineering and consulting focus and specialized in engineering services for the Energy Generation.

MS Enertech is a Spanish Engineering Services and Consultancy Company, established in 2006 in Burgos, Spain, as the engineering division of the MS Techno holding for the Renewable Energy projects. Today we are an indepedent company focus and specialized in engineering services for the Energy Generation.

We are also operating in Mexico through our subsidiaries MS Enertech S.A. de C.V and MS Enertech Colombia S.A.S and we have partners in Argentina and Brazil.

MS Enertech accumulates more than 500 projects related to civil and electric engineering, developed on 5 continents, over 54 countries, with a portfolio of more than 15.000 MW. Our customers include more than 50 clients for the most relevant enterprises of the sector (manufacturers, EPC contractors, owners).

Special mention has our new company RDitech focused on very specialized consultancy, high added value technical advisory and R&D projects for the wind sector, including intertidal and offshore wind farms.

Philosophy and commitment

Our commitment is to offer a professional, agile, close to customer, international service that combines engineering and project management. Only in this way we do believe that it is possible to offer maximum added value while maintaining high levels of quality.

Our hallmark is the flexibility to understand and adapt to the needs of our customers, based on our strong engineering knowledge and excellent project management capabilities.

In a global world like the one we live in, profit and customer satisfaction are universal values that cross all borders. To achieve this we cultivate and highlight the best possible technical, management and professionalism skills.


Multidisciplinary team with high specialization in the Renewable Energy Generation sector.

MS Enertech has a multidisciplinary team of civil engineers, electrical engineers, geologists and liners with extensive experience and specialization in the wind and solar sectors.

Over the years we have achieved a reasonable combination between experience and maturity and youth and dynamism, which allows us to address complex problems and novel projects with the desire and creativity of a beginner and the wisdom and rigor of an expert.

We want to define the solutions that best suit our customers and we have a team of more than 25 people to achieve it.

Mariano Saiz



Miguel Ángel Plaza



Álvaro Hernando



Vanesa Corral

Tender Manager and BD


Lara Fernández

Head of Geotechnnical Dept.


Sara Ortega

Head of Foundations Dept.


Sara Sancho

Head of Civil Dept.


Iván Arnáiz

Head of Construction Dept.


Head of Electrical Dept.