Research and development and innovation (R&D&i)

For internal projects or working under request of our clients.
MS RDitech©

Company focused on consulting and R&D&i

MS RDitech© is a new R&D&i company created in 2021 for the onshore, nearshore and offshore wind energy sector, focused on very specialized consultancy, high added value technical advisory, optimizations, new foundation concepts, new tower connection concepts, new tower concepts, etc.

MS RDitech© is formed by 3 civil engineers with more than 45 years of experience in the sector and external partners, as well as the background of MS Enertech.


José Ramón Carril González

MS RDitech CTO


Projects completed

  • Development project for foundation optimization from rectangular geometry (Gamesa, 2006)
  • Walls foundation design (Gamesa, 2007)
  • Full-scale laboratory testing for walls foundation (Gamesa, 2008)
  • Screw piles foundation (Kit Energy, 2009)
  • Precast walls foundation analysis and design (Gamesa, 2010)
  • On-shore site foundation for of-shore prototype (YinHe Avantis, 2012)
  • Cables tower-to-foundation interface (internal R&D, 2014)
  • Markov Matrix Analysis for fatigue (internal R&D, 2014)
  • Shell analysis for FE Modelling (internal R&D, 2015)
  • Precast 3 individual bearing points foundation design (Nabrawind/Artepref, 2018)
  • Optimization of reinforcement for walls foundation under non-linear analysis (internal R&D project funded by ADE, JCyL, 2019)
  • C3 foundation (EPS underneath) (up to 10 designs already done for construction) (internal R&D, 2019)
  • Collaboration in project Wind Lider for self-supporting assembly methodologies for WTGs towers (Gamesa, 2007)
  • Concrete tower G10x on-site construction technical support (Gamesa, 2010)
  • Concrete tower and connection with cables to hollow foundation, funded by CDTI (internal R&D, 2011)
  • Fatigue Analysis of grouts for WTGs concrete towers (Gamesa, 2012)
  • Fatigue Analysis of grouts for WTGs foundations (FOSROC, 2013)
  • Soil-to-foundation interaction for WTGs foundations (internal R&D, funded by ADE, 2018)

We are a company highly involved in the development of R&D projects.

We apply our test engineering to support both our internal projects and working directly under request of our clients.

Our knowledge and experience let us to perform a wide range of activities: test definition and design, test execution at laboratory, results analysis, tooling design and manufacturing. To perform: