Wind turbine and met mast foundation design

Preliminary and executive designs, analysis of optimizations, singular types (piles/micropiles (vertical and ranking), C3 (lower EPS), ribbed, rock-anchor, hollow and block for concrete towers, high plinth, precast)
Wind foundation design

Reliable and specialized designers with large experience in this type of structure.

MS Enertech has the knowledge, tools, tradition and experience to design and optimize the entire range of foundation typology for wind turbines with steel or concrete tower (spread, deep, with soil improvements, ribbed, C3, high plinth, rock-anchor, hollow and block for concrete towers, precast, etc.), and for the design and optimization of the bolt cage, the realization of FEM models, failure analysis, etc.

More than 50 customers (local and international developers, OEMs, EPC contrators) has trusted us within more than 600 projects in more than 50 countries.

Wind turbine foundations

Preliminary or executive designs. We define the best solution for your project: from classic solutions (gravity) and depth foundations, to precast and singular typologies (rock anchor, micropiles, large diameter monopiles, annular hollow, high plinth, ribbed, C3, etc.)

Our foundation design methodology fully integrates the calculation of the tower-foundation connection system, both analytically and by FE Models. 

We have developed our own interface system solution: the cable interface, which is a highly competitive solution with great cost reduction. Registered solution: WO2013/156632.

We have bolt failure analysis tools using complete "solid" models of tower-foundation interface that include bolts and tower.

Specific dynamic and fatigue analysis through FEM models, performing the calculation of the multiple load cases and their automated post-processing, to perform the analysis of efforts and displacements as the case may be.

We perform "solid" and "shell" type calculation models for settlement calculation, bearing capacity, gap and calculations of reinforcement (ULS, cracking and fatigue) and complete FEM models for detailed calculations of the tower-foundation interface.

We also develop non-linear analysis for the reinforcement optimization.

C3 solution, ribbed foundation, precast solutions, rock anchor, high plinth, hollow and block foundations for concrete tower, etc.

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Wind turbine and met mast foundation design

Basic designs, detail designs, singular and own solutions, etc...

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