Forensic engineering

We analyze the pathologies of wind structures to define the best repair solutions
Solutions for pathologies in wind turbine structures

We identify the root cause to define the best solution to minimize risks.

Wind structures, due to high loads and the phenomenon of fatigue, may be more susceptible to pathologies if the design and/or execution have not been optimal. This problem is compounded when it comes to old wind farms.

MS Enertech puts all its knowledge and experience in wind foundation design to identify the root cause and define the best solution that helps minimize risks and reduce the impact on wind farm economic performance.

Movements measurament wind turbine

In our experience, in many cases the root cause of wind foundation pathology is associated with design non-conformities.

Our method starts by analyzing the foundation design and boundary conditions, which includes:

  • Verification of the foundation design, with special attention to the tower-foundation anchor system.
  • Analysis of the rest of the project information: geotechnical study, construction phase, etc...

Another important and essential aspect in the analysis of pathologies is the site visit for the inspection of the foundations, considering the main actions below:

  • Site visit: movements measurement, cracks mapping
  • Special actions: non-destructive tests, foundation sample picking, additional soil lab tests, etc...

MS Enertech intends to define the best solution to overcome or mitigate the problem aligned with the technical and economical boundary conditions of the project.

We are wide experienced in defining, designing and monitoring different solutions, from the most common based on mechanical reinforcement and resine or cement injections as well as their combination and special solutions.

We elaborate the construction projects, guidelines and execution protocols, as well as we offer technical assistance during the reparation works.

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