Geotechnical and geophysical surveys

Design and execution of campaigns, preparation and validation of reports, conducting geophysical tests, geotechnical and forensic engineering, etc.
Geotechnical and Geophysical surveys

Engineers and geologists with specialization in the wind energy sector.

Soil conditions are probably the most undefined and random boundary condition of a wind farm. Therefore, it is essential for a safety and optimum design to have a good and proper soil characterization.

MS Enertech has a team of specialists in Geotechnics for the realization, analysis and validation of geotechnical reports.  We also design and manage geotechnical campaigns according to project needs and sector standards and we have our own equipment for geophysical surveys (MASW and SEV tests).

Management and site geotechnical supervision

Design of the geotechnical and geophysical survey through a preliminary assessment of the site, client specifications and sector standards.

Management and supervision of the campaign, assuming the control and providing technical assistance in the field during its execution. We have reliable local suppliers in many countries.

We prepare interpretative geotechnical and geophysical reports from the data obtained of the geotechnical and geophysical campaign or factual reports, adapting them to the requirements of the project, country regulations, wind sector standards (DNV, IEC, etc.) and the needs of the foundation designer or the civil works/electrical engineering of the wind farm. We also carry out validation reports of geotechnical studies.

Ground improvement solutions through substitution, design of stone columns or rigid inclusions, piles or micropiles (ranking or vertical), dynamic compaction, etc., slope stability analysis (including more complex sensitivity, probabilistic or backanalysis), retaining walls, pavement optimization, geotechnical problem solving through numerical analysis by finite element analysis, etc.

We carry out geophysical tests of seismic refraction and tomography,  MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves), and electrical resistivity (or SEV) including data processing, interpretation and geophysical report

MS Enertech has its own equipment (seismograph and telurometer) and specialized technicians to carry out the geophysical survey.

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Geotechnical and geophysical surveys

Extensive experience in geotechnical and geophysical surveys and geotechnical engineering

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