Electrical Engineering

Foundation earthing and Wind Farm FO, earthing and MV System preliminary and executive design. OHL and SS Preliminar Design.
Electrical engineering for wind farms

Medium voltage system, foundation earthing system, substation, HV OHL

Our team is specialized in electrical engineering for wind farms and that allows us to address the design of all the activities necessary for the execution of the evacuation system from the facility to the Substation.

We also carry out the complete processing engineering of wind farm and evacuation system, the grid access and connection request, and the preliminary engineering of Substation and HV OHL.

For this we have extensive experience and the most current computer tools and software.


earthing system wind turbine foundation

We design the Earthing System of the Foundation using powerful software, trying to improve as much as possible the factors that influence the earthing resistance.

We have large experience and our own equipment to obtain the electrical resistivity of the ground on field.

We carry out the design of the medium voltage complete system of the wind farm, including:

  • Definition, design and sizing of circuits and cabling
  • Short circuit study, electrical losses, load flow calculation and reactive power assessment
  • Fiber optic wind farm system
  • Grounding network

MS Enertech also carries out preliminary engineering of the Substation and High Voltage Lines (both electrical and mechanical/structural issues).

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Electrical Engineering

Preliminary design of Substation & HV OHL, design of the foundation Earthing System and Medium Voltage System

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