Technical support and field supervision

Technical support during the construction phase of the wind farm
Technical support and field supervision

For the construction of new wind farms

We provide technical assistance and field supervision during construction of foundations, civil works, medium voltage, anchor cage levelling and assembly of the tower and components of the WTG.

MS Enertech has engineers with experience in both design and construction and has contributed to the proper construction of more than 20 wind farms worldwide.

Supervision wind turbines foundations, civil works and medium voltaje system

MS Enertech has specialised engineers (experienced both in design and construction) to carry out the technical assistance and supervision of the entire construction process of the wind turbine foundations, the civil works and the medium voltage of new wind farms. We understand that engineering must be buildable, and construction must be engineering.

The assembly and levelling of the anchor cage is a key step in the installation of a WTG, so it is essential to ensure that this is done correctly to avoid structural pathologies or bad operation of the wind turbine in the future.

Our engineers have extensive experience (both in design and in assembly/levelling on field), which makes them be aware of the great importance of this process and its risks.

We supervise the assembly of the tower and the components of the WTG, according to manufacturer guidelines and assuring the integrity of the whole.

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Technical support and field supervision

Technical support and field supervision

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