Civil Works engineering

Accesses, roads, hardstands, hydrological survey, drainage system design. Road Survey.
Civil works engineering specialized in wind farms

Processing engineering, preliminary and executive design and calculation of accesses, roads, pavements, platforms and drainages.

We carry out all the engineering of the civil works infrastructure of the wind farm: layout, accesses, roads, pavements, assembly and storage hardstands, hydrological study, drainage, auxiliary structures, bridges, etc. We take into account the multiple conditionings to make it accessible, minimize environmental impact and cost, integrate and connect it with the environment.

Design and calculation of road, accesses, platforms and cross sections

MS Enertech has a team of highly specialized engineers in the design and calculation of roads, assembly hardstands and pavements of wind farms, which allows the proper planification, definition and optimization of the layout after a previous analysis of all the project conditionings.

We also carry out the design of accesses to the wind farm from the main roads, studying the possibility of taking advantage of existing roads and paths in the site.

In order to carry out a complete hydrological study, we mainly analyze these aspects:

  • Topography
  • Climate data and pluviometry
  • Data on the type and roughness of the soil and land use
  • Basins and sub-basins present in the project area.
  • Runoff flows

With these data we proceed to the design and calculation of the ditches and culverts, analysis of discharge points, use of floodable fords, elevation of levels, etc.

In some exceptional cases we design and calculate bridges to facilitate and enable access to the wind farm. These structures are conditioned, in addition to the uniqueness of the environment, by the particularities of a wind project in terms of budgets and tightened implementation deadlines.

In those situations where it is worth studying the possibility of using existing bridges, we carry out a detailed technical assessment, establishing hypotheses based on a field study and experience itself, to validate or strengthen these structures to the needs of the project.


The large dimensions and weights of the components of today's wind turbines increasingly require Road Survey reporting to identify and quantify any inconveniences that may arise along the defined wind farm access route from the discharge ports, as well as the analysis of the passage of special transports by the layout defined within the site.

MS Enertech has the experience, software and sufficient means to conduct these studies both remotely or "on-site".


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Civil Works engineering

Design and calculation of roads, assembly hardstands and pavements, hydrological survey and drainage system design.

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